AFS Biomass offers end-to-end solution for renewable or green energy systems to businesses, institutions and homes.

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The brief for this project was simple, ‘Make it stand out’. The client wanted to be able to get across what made them different from the competition.

AFS had continuously brought in new clients over the years through their professionalism and quality service however over the years they’ve found that their website didn’t match up. The pages of the site needed to show a clear understanding of the work they do for clients, but also look sophisticated and professional to take them to the next level, bringing in bigger and better clients.

Previously their website was created, to quote, ‘by a mate’ to keep start up costs down, which did a great job. However over the years the website became cluttered, hard to navigate and didn’t display an effective way of showcasing their services.

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We looked at a wide range of competitor websites to get a clear understanding of what the market looked like online for this type of business. We rarely found a website that wasn’t text heavy cluttered and lacking in imagery. We focused on all these points while making the website easy to navigate and more streamlined.

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What has come out of this project is a site that has resolved all the problems the previous website displayed. It’s become a beautiful website, full of imagery, useful, easy to find information with rich and relevant content for the target market.




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